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At Alluring Life we believe and celebrate uniqueness. We believe each one of us has a sexual and relational flavor and the more in touch you are with that, the more vitality, power, sensuality and fulfillment you have in life.

We want you to discover, reveal and embrace YOUR alluring life!


Our coaching approach is mindful, experiential and pleasure-based. While interacting with your coach in a shame-free, compassionate and safe environment, we will explore your desires, needs and boundaries, and together create experiences that will reveal more of your unique flavor of self-expression in this personal transformational journey.

Our practice is based on three intentions:


Explore and discover your desires, needs, boundaries, attachments, relationship styles, erotic language and sexual expressions.



Embrace and accept who you are, connect intimately, move beyond shame and truly enjoy yourself.



Embody and express your authentic expression. Practicing mindfulness, embodiment, and vulnerability we invite you to communicate clearly, and step into living more emotionally and erotically connected lives.


More About Us...

We are based in Seattle (USA) for in person sessions, and we serve clients around the globe virtually. We work with individuals and couples, offering a multicultural perspective, and welcoming all ages, ethnicities, body shapes, relationship status and styles, physical ableness, spiritual and religious frameworks, gender and sexual expressions. Sessions available in English, Portuguese or Spanish.

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